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Featuring our Hand-Crafted Raised Garden Beds & Planters, made of highly revered Select Western Red Cedar. Aromatic and naturally insect & rot resistant. The Mortise & Tenon joints are the strongest available, while adding Old World style and charm. Extremely durable and easy to assemble, they will last for many years. 100% natural and chemical free. Safe for vegetables and the best for organic gardening. Available for purchase on Amazon, Etsy, Houzz and many other online retailers. Prices start at $38.00 (pick-up).


We are proud to help our community of friends and neighbors by offering kindly guidance and the essential ingredients to help succeed in our gardening adventures. Please check the Marketplace for our current list of items for sale, including home grown vegetable plants, herbs, and flowers, as well as gardening supplies and garden decor. Our Gardening Blog is a great place to find tips and advice, and to meet new friends along the way!

Nothing screams summer like heading out into your garden to see plump tomatoes turning on the vine. Fat, ripe cucumbers and peppers ready to be picked. Or freshly snipped herbs filling the air with their captivating aroma. Little compares to the satisfaction of a bountiful harvest, after a long season of nurturing and support. And nothing brings us more joy than sharing this experience with others.